New York (PIX11) Actor Michael Shannon and actress Jessica Chastain will play country music legends Tammy Wynette and George Jones in the upcoming series ‘George & Tammy.’

Both actors speak about learning about the legendary musicians for their roles. Jessica was a little intimidated about singing Wynette’s music — especially the iconic country song ‘ Stand By Your Man’. Also, while the Academy Award winner was working on the film, she discovered Tammy Wynette’s music was quite the opposite of her actual life, calling Wynette a rebel.

Michael Shannon didn’t know much about George Jones, but has a love for music. Chastain, who also serves as executive producer, offered the role to him. He also describes the show as a rollercoaster — an epic romance.

‘George & Tammy’ will premiere on Showtime and Paramount simultaneously on Sunday December 4th at 9pm. The rest of the episodes will air on Showtime.