NEW YORK (PIX11) — Gov. Kathy Hochul and Republican challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin are making last-minute pushes ahead of Election Day.

The race for New York governor is one of the key races this year. In the latest PIX 11/Emerson College poll, Hochul had 52% support compared to 44% for Zeldin.

The tightening New York gubernatorial contest prompted big-name Democrats to jump on the campaign trail. At rallies throughout the region over the weekend, former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Kamala Harris, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threw their support behind Hochul.

On Sunday, President Joe Biden told voters “democracy is on the ballot” at a rally in Westchester.

“You know there are more than 300 Republican candidates for state, local, and federal office who are election deniers…well Kathy’s opponent is one of those deniers,” Biden said. “These deniers are not only trying to deny your right to vote, but they’re also trying to deny your right to have your vote counted.”

Meanwhile, Zeldin received some last-minute support from former Gov. George Pataki. Zeldin has continued to crisscross the state on his “get out the vote” bus tour. He talked with voters in the Hudson Valley and Erie County over the weekend.

“This is about all of you taking back control of your governor…service is about serving you the people, not being served by the public,” Zeldin said.

Monday is the final day for campaigning before the polls open Tuesday. 

Hochul is expected to make a stop at the 72nd Street subway station before heading upstate Monday morning. Zeldin will speak with voters at the Morrison Avenue-Soundview Station, where a man was stabbed in the neck Sunday morning.

Subway crime and violence across the city remained one of the voters’ biggest issues. 

According to New York City’s Board of Elections, more than 432,000 people across the five boroughs voted early.