New York (PIX11) Hip Hop has influenced many things over the years — from fashion to tv and film. It has also made its mark on the beverage industry. Cocktail curator Joseph D. Solis, who has worked with many top celebrities including Lebron James, Jay Z, Diddy, and Magic Johnson, stops by PIX11. He mixes and shares hip hop inspired drinks with Dan and Hazel.

  • Hip Hop Inspired Drink Recipes: 
    • 1 – Brass Monkey inspired by the Beastie Boys
      • 1 oz- Vodka
        1 oz- Dark Rum
        2 oz- Fresh Squeezed OJ
        Bar spoon- Orange Blossom Water 
        Pilsner Glass
        Dehydrated Orange Wheel
        Brandied Cherry
    • 2 – Gin & Juice- Inspired by Snoop Dogg
      • 2 oz- Hendricks Gin
        1 oz- Passion Fruit Juice 
        2 oz- Pineapple Juice 
        Squeeze- Lime
        Lime Wheel
        Pineapple leaves 
    • 3 – The Big Apple- inspired by Nas
      • 2 oz- Hennessy VS
        3/4 oz- Cranberry Syrup
        2 oz- Apple Juice 
        1/2 oz- Fresh Lime
        Maple Bitters 
        Thin Apple Silhouette Slice 
        Cinnamon Stick