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MIDTOWN —New York City hotel rooms can be small, but one midtown hotel transformed a room into one of the smallest restaurants in the city.

First, you’ll need to check in at Hotel 3232 to get your own key card, which opens a New York City-size hotel room on the 10th floor.

However, when you open the door of room 1001, you’re actually entering the world’s smallest sushi restaurant, Sushi by Bou.

Just four people can be seated at a time, so each guest is in for a treat!

Michael Sinensky, a partner in the enterprise, explains the concept. “Our motto is sushi for the people,” he said. “We’re looking to put sushi in any place, in any way, shape or form.”

You’ll sit down for 60 minutes and enjoy a 17-piece Omakase, which literally translates to “trust me.”

And you can trust David Bouhadana; He’s a sushi chef with some serious credentials. He trained for 6 years in Japan, and he’s innovative. “I like to push people out of their comfort zones. There is no menu,” Bouhadana said.

Time passes quickly while you’re at Sushi by Bou, and the sushi itself is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. There’s also sake from the “Mr. Sake” vending machine behind you, which is as smooth as silk.

As your meal comes to an end, Bouhadana will very gently place one last piece of sushi in front of you and thank you for joining them.

Then it’s time for Sushi by Bou’s next seating of four. The next lucky four customers have been sipping sake in the seating area just behind you.

The price for each meal is $125, and reservations fill up fast.

Sushi by Bou has several locations, but this location can be found at 32 East 32nd Street, at Hotel 3232. For more information and to make reservations, click here.