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NEW YORK — On any stretch of the Flatiron District, you’ll find a wide array of shops and restaurants, including the Camp family experience store.

No, we’re not going camping, but the store does have a feel that you’d find perhaps in a small town outside of city life.

Harken back to your teenage years and summer camp: Who was always there to greet you? Camp counselors.

Camp has that at their store, and they take you on a journey to something else.

Welcome to the Camp toy store.

But it’s not just any toy store, it’s much more than that!

It’s an interactive experience to get children’s minds thinking, and it never gets old!

Every three months, the store reinvents itself with a new theme.

A 10,000-square foot playspace transformed into a toy lab, for instance.

Whatever your jam is, they have it. From “Star Wars” to Marvel to Disney.

Want to ride a scooter? No problem. There’s even a foam slide in the middle of everything.

Camp is located at 110 Fifth Ave.