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NEW YORK — Music, mushrooms and murder await… if you can find the theater.

It’s a classic “Whodunnit” story performed while you eat, and it’s one of the only dinner theater experiences left in New York City.

If you love truffles and crime solving, then you’ll love the murder myster that unfolds every Saturday night at The Secret Room.

Before the show, there are signs pointing you in the right direction, but during the day, it’s not easy to find!

On Saturday nights, the steel door opens to reveal the entrance.

As you go down The Secret Room, there’s still a secret journey.

Finally, you meet Chef Bruno at his restaurant.

It’s at that stage and restaurant where the truffles mystery unfolds.

The show is an immersive experience, with audience participation — all while a three-course meal is served.

The real star of the show? The truffle.

To find out “whodunnit,” you’ll have to come see the show.

“Truffles: The Musical” runs Saturday nights at The Secret Room under the Iron Bar on 46th Street.