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GOWANUS, Brooklyn — Escape the city streets for some personal “me” time with a spa day at once was a Brooklyn apartment and backyard.

Liz Tortolani is the owner of Citywell, who with some help, saw this one-time Gowanus apartment and had an epiphany — turn it into a spa.

“So essentially, when I had the concept of a boutique bathhouse, I wanted it to be small, intimate, special.”

Tortolani integrates, so thoughtfully, the healing quality of nature and the elements: Wood, fire, earth and water.

The hidden part of this spa? You can find it in the backyard.

In the middle of residential apartments, an outdoor bathhouse takes you back to ancient times and the healing powers of hot and cold elements combined with shock value of the body, which serves a healing purpose.

From cold to hot, you have options: Hot tubs, saunas or a hot sauna with a massage combination.

If you want to feel like you’re in your own oasis without leaving the city, Citywell is the place to go.

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