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Planning Ahead
The key to not eating out so often is to have a game plan! When we don’t plan ahead for making lunches, it all of the sudden becomes the easiest option to simply eat out. However, you will find that taking the time to plan out your lunches each week for yourself or your family will make it easy to stay on track, continue to eat healthy and will help you save money in the long run!! Create a master menu for at least three weeks and you can then rotate your weekly plans for the entire year – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel every week! Encourage feedback from your family and adjust your menu accordingly if needing to change it up. Remember to insert leftovers from the night before to add variety.

  • Magnetic Monthly Calendar

Preserve the Fresh
Priority number one when it comes to healthy eating is eating the freshest product possible. The first step to ensuring you’re making healthy choices for you and your family is to take a few minutes and organize your fridge and freezer. Be sure to take inventory and discard out of dated items or items you will not likely use – you’ll be surprised how long you’ve kept some items. Our OXO greensaver collection is perfect at keeping your fresh fruits and veggies their freshest as they work in three ways to keep produce from spoiling by trapping and absorbing ethylene gas (the #1 culprit of spoilage), an elevated removable basket that increases airflow to help prevent moisture buildup and the vent on the top helps maintain optimum humidity levels.

  • OXO greensaver Produce Keepers (x3)

Prep Ahead
There’s nothing harder than trying to prep a fresh lunch with the five minutes you have before you need to leave work. Make portion control and fresh eating easier by preparing your food for yourself or the family the night before. Choose a solution that has multiple compartments to pack everything you want for lunch in one convenient container. Choosing a container can be fun and functional too. If you’re arranging multiple snacks or meals, give each family member their own color to avoid confusion in the mornings.

  • 1.6 qt. 3-Compartment Lunch Bento Box
  • Oval Lunch Bento Box
  • Mini-Bento Set

Portion Control
Give yourself control over your portions, a space-saving design for small bags and a stylish reason to be eco-friendly with our Three-in-One Stainless Steel Round ECOlunchbox. Designed by a mom, this solution is a safe and earth-friendly alternative to plastic sandwich bags. The bottom layer can hold a sliced sandwich, the middle layer holds fruit, pasta or salad, and the small inner container can hold a half-cup of snacks. All three fit together neatly for easy transport, and the bento box-style keeps everything separated for easy snacking!

  • Stainless Steel Round 3-in-1 ECOlunchbox

A (Good) Breakfast On-the-Go
We’ve all heard it before – breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and now you can take that delicious and healthy oatmeal to work without losing the heat! A solution like this has double-wall insulation and a stainless-steel construction to keep your food hot or cold. Its stylish and durable design won’t create condensation or transfer temperature, and the unique, scratch-resistant coating gives you a sure grip that won’t slip. Topped by a wide-mouth opening, it’s always easy to fill and easy to hand wash.

  • Hydro Flask Food Flask

Snack and Sip Smarter
Snack smarter throughout the day and avoid the vending machines with perfectly sized pouches for portion-controlled snacking! Put veggie sticks in one, healthy nuts in another and snack healthy throughout the day with no thinking required! The durable locking seal is both airtight and watertight and each is microwave- and freezer-safe.

  • Re-Zip Reusable Snack Bags

Another huge part of meeting your health resolutions throughout the year is making sure that you hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Ensure that you sip smarter with this brilliantly designed water bottle that tracks the amount of water bottles you drink throughout the day! Simply fill and close to see the tracking dot. The lid records the number of bottles you consume throughout the day so you never forget.

  • Joseph Joseph Dot Water Bottle (x2)

The Right Lunch Bag
Finally, when it comes to packing up the lunch, choose a durable, reusable lunch bag that’s the right size for you. An Insulated Lunch carrier is a must so that it keeps items cold during your commute. Remember to choose a size that works with you – for instance, smaller children should have a smaller insulated sack while older kids and adults with bigger appetites can use a bit roomier cooler or tote.

  • Cool Coolers Ice Packs
  • Grey Click ‘n Go Roll-Top Lunch Bag
  • Fiesta PackIt Personal Cooler

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