NEW YORK (PIX11) — Dunkin’ Donuts announced its new rewards program Dunkin’ Rewards, which replaces the DD Perks program.

The revamped program introduces more food and beverage rewards and more flexibility on when and how customers can use their points, among other benefits, according to a press release on Thursday. However, some of the doughnut shop’s loyal patrons are not happy with the new program. 

Their main complaint is that it takes more points to earn a free drink through the new rewards program compared to the old one. Under the old program, 200 points, which can be earned by spending $40, is enough to get customers a free drink. With the new program, spending the same amount can only get a free cup of tea. If customers want a free coffee, they need to earn at least 500 points. For a “crafted” drink, which includes espressos and cold brew, 700 points are needed.

Many of those dismayed with the new perks program took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

“I feel betrayed,” wrote one user

Customers also slammed the revamped program on Reddit.

Dunkin’ is also doing away with its rewards program free birthday treat perk.