New York (PIX11) ‘Devotion’ is an inspirational story based on true events. The film centers around ‘Jesse Brown’ and ‘Tom Hudner’, two elite naval pilots who were instrumental in turning the tide in a brutal battle during the Korean war. When director JD Dillard was first introduced to the story he thought it was dramatic and beautiful.

JD was excited to share this movie with people and felt Jesse’s legacy of being the navy’s first black aviator needed to be told. Dillard has a personal connection to the story. His father was also a Navy pilot — some 30 years after Jesse Brown.

One of the goals with the movie is to continue the pressure to bring the remains of Jesse Brown back home which are still lost overseas.

On February 28, ‘Devotion’ releases on digital, 4k Ultra HD, and Blu-ray with behind the scenes bonuses. The movie is also streaming now on Paramount+.