New York (PIX11) With summer quickly approaching, it may be time to start picking up some new tech for home. Emmy Award-winning tech journalist Jennifer Jolly stops by PIX11 to share some of the latest gadgets with Dan and Hazel.

Irrigreen– is a new super-smart robotic irrigation system that digitally maps out your lawn so it can be really strategic getting water precisely where it needs to go. There’s an inkjet-like computer brain inside each sprinkler that — essentially “prints” water only to the areas of your lawn that need it most — no more overspray or waste, and cuts back on the average outdoor water use by about 50% — and can cut your water bill in half too.

WaterGuru Sense– Niche Gadget for Swimming Pools Helps Family Save $1,500 ($260) If you’re one of the 10.4 million people who own a swimming pool in America — the WaterGuru Sense (normally $325, but on sale right now for $260) can save you tons of money and hassle. Stick the smart sensor in your skimmer and know in real-time from an app on your smartphone exactly when to run pumps or add chemicals. The WaterGuru Sense 2 comes out May 25, with added functionality for hot tubs too.

Kodak Flik HD10 -($270) Unlimited access to content: With this projector, viewers have unlimited access to content from Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime through the Android TV apps. Big-screen experience: Can project up to 150 inches in full HD resolution onto any flat surface and is equipped with dual 5-Watt speakers. Easy to use: The voice-powered remote enables customers to easily navigate the user-friendly, Android TV interface with the help of Google Assistant Enjoy effortless control: Both Android and iPhone smartphone users can set up their phone to be used as a remote through the Google TV app.

SWAY Minioke LED Go -($70) Sway Minioke LED Go portable and small Karaoke speaker and mic — lets you bring the entertainment and fun anywhere – from a kid’s birthday party and the beach to hosting friends for a summer BBQ, in a college dorm and tailgating at the game. The 5-Watt Bluetooth 5.0 portable speaker also includes a premium upgraded 2.4G Wireless Microphone – each under 6 inches in height! Minioke’s multi-ambient mode LED lighting adds a visual element to karaoke night, anytime, anywhere.

Prinker– lets you print a (temporary) tattoo right on your skin ($250) This is just really fun at a party… if you’ve ever wanted a tattoo (but not forever), Prinker is the tech tool for you. Download a design (there are thousands of them, or you can create your own…), “print” it anywhere on your body, and enjoy it till it’s time to wash it off!