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Back to school is right around the corner and may have even started if your child is going to college. For parents, there are some major concerns when it comes to campus safety.

Wearsafe, a company that makes “wearable” safety devices, conducted a survey to find out parents’ top worries. Clay Frost, Wearsafe’s head of marketing, joined PIX11 Morning News to talk about the results.

Wearsafe has additional suggestions for parents to impart to their kids to ensure their own safety:

  • Learn about the newest class of wearable device. The Wearsafe Tag, for example, connects the wearer with a trusted circle of family and friends with the press of one button. Contacts get an immediate, live audio stream from the tag’s location including a full minute of audio captured from before the alert button was pressed. They also receive the wearer’s exact GPS location and can make informed decisions about how to help at that point.
  • Stay in the spotlight. Walking with a flashlight or the light from your phone is an excellent deterrent to a would-be assailant. Any additional light in your surroundings or on your person is helpful.
  • Choose to rideshare. Rather than walk alone or even in a group (no match for an armed assailant), one can wait for a campus shuttle (sometimes for a while). The better option is to set aside part of your school budget for an Uber or Lyft account; cars come within minutes and no cash is required.
  • Imbibe and indulge responsibly. It’s not just a commercial tagline. Drink from your own cup or bottle, avoid unknown beverages or sips from others’ cups, and keep your wits about you in a social situation.
  • Learn self-defense. Not only can a lesson in self-defense teach you some moves that could make the difference when you need it, but knowing a little self-defense can boost confidence, make you more aware of your surroundings, and develop a fighter mentality. It’s also more reliable than a can of mace and safer than a can of pepper spray.