New York (PIX11) With Mother’s day almost here, people are still trying to find that perfect gift. CNET’s Bridget Carey brings some of her tech gifts for PIX11’s Dan and Hazel.

Google Nest Hub – Does Mom like watching YouTube videos while she’s in the kitchen? With the Nest Hub, she doesn’t have to fumble with a phone while working. This voice-controlled device combines a screen with a speaker, making it handy for watching videos and playing music. There’s an easy physical switch on top to mute the mic for privacy. (This Nest Hub model has no camera.) It also acts as a control center for your other smart home gadgets. Mom doesn’t need to only use Google to like it.

Victrola Record Player – People like to unplug during their free time and enjoy physical media. It’s a good starter machine that also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker — and it looks good on the countertop, too.

Renpho eye massager – This quirky product has been highly reviewed for years now as a way to help you relax and give your eyes a break from all the screen time. It’s warm and gently rubs the eye area to help relieve headaches and stress.

Powerbeats Pro – The ear-hooks on the Powerbeats Pro mean these earbuds won’t fall out if she’s running around the house or trying to make it out to work on time — or just needs a little me time with her own music instead of hearing the Frozen soundtrack for the 10th time today. The charging case is easy to slip into a bag, and the buds have all the perks of working with Siri voice commands and being able to use “find my” on the iPhone to have them make a noise if you misplace one in the couch.

Fujifilm Instax Mini instant camera – Whether you’re old enough to remember Polaroid cameras, these modern instant cameras are a great way to generate real-time souvenirs. They’re easy to use, great to have for creative fun at parties, and kids love using them to take photos at family events. They’re also durable and the different models use the same film, too.