New York (PIX11) For a young actress, Violet McGraw has already created a large resume for herself. She stars in Blumhouse’s new sci-fi thriller ‘M3GAN’. The movie follows ‘Cady,’ portrayed by McGraw, as she navigates life with her aunt following her parents death. She is given ‘M3GAN,’ a life-like, artificial intelligence doll programmed to be a child’s greatest companion and a parents greatest ally. But soon ‘M3GAN’ begins to take a life of it’s own.

Violet admitted when she first saw the doll on set she thought it looked creepy. Over time she became less afraid and more comfortable. She would have fun with ‘M3GAN’ and even have staring contests with her and other cast members. She said she wouldn’t mind having her own A.I doll in real life.

Violet’s siblings are actors. They often share acting advice. One of her dreams is to act in a movie with them.

‘M3GAN’ is available now in theaters.