New York (PIX11) For more than four decades, Charlene Tilton has successfully navigated Hollywood. The woman known to many as ‘Lucy Ewing’ on the the hit show ‘Dallas’ started acting on the show when she was 17 year old. She enjoyed her time on the popular night time drama and admitted that she did not think that the show would be a worldwide phenomenon.

Her latest project is a new film on PureFlix which she calls the inspirational Netflix. Charlene portrays ‘Pam’ in ‘Heaven Sent”. This romantic comedy focuses on a grandmother named ‘Elise’ who is attached to her grandson and ‘Patrick’ who is a widowed pastor. They both have given up on love and eventually meet each other. Charlene’s character ‘Pam’ is described as fun loving, feisty, and a good friend.

‘Heaven Sent’ is streaming now on PureFlix.