New York (PIX11) Defying time is one way to describe the new retro futuristic show ‘Hello Tomorrow!’. The dramedy follows ‘Jack Billings,’ a charismatic salesmen, as he leads a team of associates selling timeshares for the moon. Emmy and Tony Award-winning actor Billy Crudup takes on the role of ‘Billings.’

Crudup describes his character as a magician who knows what people want. Actor Hank Azaria portrays ‘Eddie,’ a passionate guy who is out of his mind and can not be trusted with money. Playing the woman in ‘Eddie’s’ life is the multitalented Haneefah Wood. Her role as ‘Shirley is one she’s truly proud of because the character has a strong personality but is layered with a flaws.

‘Hello Tomorrow!’ premieres Friday, February 17, 2023 on AppleTv+