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Sleep-related deaths have increased among newborns and babies up until their first birthday.

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a report, earlier this week, saying that parents continue to make mistakes when putting their babies to bed.

Parents can take steps to reduce the risk of crib death or “SIDS” by keeping some simple tips in mind. “The Baby Sleep Whisperer” Ingrid Prueher showed us some sleep safety tips.

1. Create a safe sleep environment
Create a consistent sleep environment for the child by removing things from the area.

2. Start a sleep routine
Use white noise (that mimics the womb noise), blackout shades, dim lights. It gives cues to the child that sleep is coming.

3. How to calm your baby
Use the 5’s by Dr. Harvey Karp : swaddle, shhh, side position, swing, suck. This technique can be used within the first four months of life.

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