New York (PIX11) Netflix is bringing us from the ’70s to the ’90s with a follow up to the hit sitcom ‘That ’70s Show’. ‘That ’90s Show’ features a new group of teenagers from Point Place, Wisconsin. Actress Ashley Aufderheide takes on the role of ‘Gwen’ who is the unofficial leader of the group of friends. She describes the character as her alter ego with ‘Gwen’ being bold, confident, and a riot girl.

Ashley admitted that she was not familiar with ‘That ’70s Show’ at first but did her research. After watching some episodes, she fell in love with it. Some members of the original cast of the show appear on the new series. Aufderheide expressed that the originals treated the new cast like family and was always there for advice. Also with Ashley not being born in the ’90s, she now knows a whole lot more about the era thanks to the new comedy.

‘That ’90s Show’ is streaming now on Netflix