New York (PIX11) Actress and singer Sophia Hammons stars in the new Hulu musical series ‘Up Here’ and gives audiences a reason to tune in. The show takes place in New York City in 1999 and it follows ‘Lindsey’ and ‘Miguel’ who fall in love. The only way they can find the true happiness is to get past their biggest obstacle — themselves.

‘Sophia’ portrays one of the voices in ‘Lindsey’s’ head named ‘Celeste.’ She is the voice of her best friend from 7th grade. ‘Lindsey’ can hear and see ‘Celeste’ along with the other voices but no one else can. Hammons, who has never done a musical tv show, had fun filming this. She is excited for people to watch it.

‘Up Here’ streams on Hulu March 24, 2023.