New York (PIX11) Twenty years after the passing of award-winning actor John Ritter, his widow activist and actress Amy Yasbeck continues to keep his memory alive. Ritter was misdiagnosed and treated for a heart attack when in realty he suffered from aortic dissection. Following his death in 2003, Amy made it her business to do her research on aortic health.

Yasbeck founded The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health to help, empower, and educate people on the illness. She expresses that people should be very aware of their family’s aortic health history. People should also speak with their doctor.

There are two upcoming New York events highlighting the organization — An Evening From the Heart NYC 2023 and the New York City Marathon where running representing ‘Team Ritter’ will run to raise funds.

For more information on aortic health or to participate in the events, visit