New York (PIX11) Young actor Julian Lerner continues to shine in film and TV. He is having a blast as ‘Bret Hitman’ in ‘The Wonder Years.’ The reimagine series follows a middle class family in Alabama during the 1960s. Julian describes ‘Bret’ as the comedic relief on the show who is also smart and sometimes get into trouble. He has a connection with his character and relates to him at times.

Lerner moves from the screen and back onto the stage in a new production of ‘Oliver!.’ He takes on the role of ‘The Artful Dodger.’ His character was tricky to get into and called it a great challenge. At the same time he is enjoying his experience. He worked with a dialogue coach to prepare for the role.

‘Oliver!’ is running at at the New York City Center until May, 14th 2023. For tickets and information visit