New York (PIX11) Nia Long and Storm Reid star as mother and daughter in the new thriller ‘Missing’. This movie, according to co-director Nicholas D. Johnson, drew from true crimes and real life stories.

‘Missing’ follows a single mother named ‘Grace,’ portrayed by Nia Long, and she goes missing after going on vacation with a new boyfriend in Columbia. Storm Reid takes on the role as her daughter ‘June’. She tries everything she can to find the location of her mother. However, after she starts her investigation and gets deeper, she begins to get more questions than answers.

The cast did learn a lot about safety and tips on how to not get kidnapped after doing this movie. They learned about certain apps they were not aware of and keeping their locations on. Also how creepy Google can be with all the information it stores.

‘Missing’ will be available in movie theaters January 20, 2023