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Today Lisa was live from the Friedberg Jewish Community Center swimming pool to get a taste of being a lifeguard. She teamed up with Cary Epstein of The Epi-Center and Mordechai Eliyahu of Lifeguard Training NY. During the show, different lifeguard drills were showcased by real lifeguards. Then it was Lisa’s turn to learn. She got in the water with the guards who showed her the ropes of lifeguard training.

And if Cary Epstein looks familiar—you probably recognize him from the “Baywatch” movie starring the Rock and Zac Efron.

Later in the show, it was time for Lisa to put her new lifeguard rescue skills to the test. She learned how to resuscitate someone who was drowning and showed off all of her lifeguard skills.

You can check out the Friedberg JCC at or by calling 516-766-4341.

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