6 higher-tech apps that will help you tackle spring cleaning

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You know what they say — “there’s an app for that” — and thankfully that now also goes for helping us get through dreaded spring cleaning chores. It’s that time of season, folks! Here with us today is Anna De Souza, eBay Lifestyle Contributor to take us through some of the highest tech ways to smartly tackle reorganizing your nest this season – all within reach of your phone! Let’s start with finding your stuff using xray vision?

1. FIND YOUR LOST STUFF WITH ‘XRAY VISION’: Imagine being able to see through walls, under pillows and inside drawers to find your lost and misplaced items? Pixie uses signaling technology based on GPS principles and an amazing augmented reality interface to actually show people the location of misplaced objects like keys, remotes, phone, iPads and more. (App lets you know when ‘you’re getting warmer’ with a detector – kind of like that kid’s game!)
LINK: https://www.getpixie.com/

2. GET THE MOST FOR YOUR OLD LOOT FROM OTHERS THAT SHARE YOUR PASSION: Snupps is basically Instagram for your stuff. It helps consumers organize, share and connect with others around the things they own, love and value – whether it’s a sneaker collection, unique collectibles, or personal inventory. They now integrate with eBay and users can now seamlessly buy and sell right on the app. You can connect with “sneakerheads” specifically – the idea is that you’re connecting with folks who love what you’re selling so you’ll sell (and declutter) faster.
LINK: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/snupps-collect-organize-share/id771685459?mt=8

3. REARRANGE YOUR HOME WITHOUT LIFTING A FINGER: With roOomy, users upload photos of their existing rooms to the app, which are then converted into an interactive, 3D rendering where you can add furniture pieces within the room, even remove and rearrange items. All without lifting a finger. Retailers like Pottery Barn, Wayfair, Z Gallerie, and more.
LINK: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rooomy/id569414637?mt=8

4. TOSS OUT THOSE OLD, CRINKLED MANUALS AWAY FOR GOOD: Throw out your manuals and manufacturer’s support materials and get rid of clutter! A new free app called Centriq gives you access to manuals, troubleshooting guides and ‘how to’ videos for your fridges, microwaves, toasters, washer/dryers, HVACs and more! It even guides you to the correct replacement items so you don’t order the wrong part ever again.
LINK: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/centriq-home-organization/id1122170439?mt=8

5. APPY CLEANING: Get connected to skilled pros to get almost any project done from booking dedicated cleaning services to assembling furniture from your latest IKEA haul, there’s no more excuse to put off that dreaded task this season! Point of differentiation: Handy quotes you price from pros in the area, so you know price right away. Thumbtack sends your proposal out – you then receive quotes from area professionals.
LINKS: https://platform.handy.com/ // https://www.thumbtack.com/

6. A YEARLY CALENDAR FOR ALL YOUR MAINTENANCE TASKS: Some cleaning tasks are for equipment, materials, appliances, etc. which allows them to run more efficiently which not only lowers monthly energy costs, but keeps them running more efficiently which reduces the risk of surprise fix – it or repair costs. Some examples of these are to drain the hot water heater, remove mineral buildup from shower heads, and to replace air filters. This app lists over 100 maintenance tasks that syncs up with your calendar so you never have to remember what needs to get done to keep your home safe. (It even links you to how-to videos so you can do these yourself, like draining hot water heater, for instance.)
LINK: https://www.homezada.com/homeowners/home-maintenance

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