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WOODSIDE, Queens — The spotlight is still on “Spotlight” and the clergy sex abuse scandal.

Megan Peterson, 26, is a painter and a leader in the New York City branch of SNAP, the survivors network of those abused by priests.

When the movie, “Spotlight,” detailing the Boston Globe’s investigation into the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal won best picture, Paterson’s phone started ringing with more alleged victims coming forward.

“I think my phone started ringing an hour after,” Peterson told PIX11 News, “with new survivors and whistleblowers.”

“More victims are coming forward every day,” Peterson said.

Peterson herself said she was a victim herself. She was allegedly raped by her parish priest in Minnesota 12 years ago.

Peterson said Father Joseph Jeyapaul was convicted of sexual assault, served some time, but is now about to work as a priest again in a parish in his native India.

“There are children who, without a doubt, are going to be hurt,” Peterson said, fighting back tears. It’s because of “the Vatican’s decision to reinstate him,” she added.

Peterson is hoping that people who watch the movie “Spotlight” will realize that the clergy sex abuse scandal isn’t over yet.

“I am hoping that people will seek help, go to the police and have others look into it,” if they know something isn’t right, Peterson said.