Seniors in Brooklyn NYCHA building cleaning up raw sewage

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Several seniors in East New York say their apartments have been flooded with raw sewage for days — and on top of that, they have no heat. People who live at the Florentino Plaza in Brooklyn say they have been dealing with the smelly problem for days, and now its turning into a health hazard.

Evelyn Freeman, 79, took videos of her apartment flooding with raw sewage. She said her son used clothing, blankets anything to help stop the dirty water. Her second floor neighbor, Nereida Romney, said it happens so much, she bought a pump and a garden hose to push the water out the window. 

Brooklyn Councilmember Darma Diaz brought the story to PIX11’s attention.

A NYCHA spokesperson gave the following statement to PIX11:

“Staff visited apartment 1B and found temperatures between 69 and 72 degrees. They were not able to access apartment 1A as the resident was not home, but we have spoken with her on the phone and will continue working to resolve her issues.  Staff also checked several other apartments and found temperatures in the low 70s, and checked the tank room to find all heating valves open.  Additionally, plumbers cleared a stack stoppage yesterday evening from apartment 1B.  We will continue to check and monitor the heat at this location.”

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