MARBLE HILL (PIX11) — More than a dozen families living in a New York City Housing Authority building say they haven’t had gas service since July, including a new mom who just wants to boil bottles for her baby. Unable to get answers and action, residents reached out to PIX11 News for help.

Families at the Marble Hill Houses say they haven’t been able to use their stoves since July, with no gas service. Resident Ivania Cortes just became a new mom. Having a stove is critical to her everyday routine of getting bottles heated for her baby girl, 1-month-old Elianie. Cortes and her neighbors want their gas service turned back on before the holidays.

There are 14 stories in the building at the Marble Hill Houses. Tenant advocate Princess Spand, who also lives there, said there are many stories of misery. Spand said the entire G line there, which is more than a dozen apartments, haven’t had gas service for nearly four months.

Spand is the daughter of Roxy Reed, the beloved tenant president at the Castle Hill Houses in the Bronx. Reed fought for repairs her neighbors for years. Reed died in 2021 from complications due to COVID-19. Now, Spand says it’s her turn to fight for her neighbors.

Cortes lives on the fourth floor. She has a temporary slop sink, her wall is covered in plastic, and she has to cook on a hot plate. Cortes said it’s a struggle to heat her daughter’s bottles.

As of Wednesday, 59 NYCHA developments have gas outages across New York City, according to NYCHA’s website. Some outages are entire buildings, while some are just certain lines.

PIX11 News contacted NYCHA about the situation. A NYCHA spokesperson said, “Gas service interruptions and restoration work are a matter of public safety, involving multiple partners and steps, including shutting off the gas service and making the necessary repairs and inspections. This outage is currently affecting 14 units at Marble Hill Houses. The outage is in the restoration stage and we are working with the service provider to restore the gas. We have been keeping residents informed of the restoration timeline through weekly meetings and have distributed hot plates and slow cookers to residents.”