NEW YORK (PIX11) — Sitan Keita, 22, is helping developmentally disabled job hunters prepare for the workforce, and it’s her dream job.

It’s a full-circle moment for Keita. Just a few years ago, she was a teenager who needed support and a home. She left a difficult home life and was taken into foster care.

From mental health support to job training, Keita said she got help at a nonprofit called The NY Foundling—her motivation now to succeed—is fueled by her three-year-old daughter.

“I do everything for her now. I’ve come this far for her. I want her to have a better future than I ever had,” Keita said.

“Over 150 years, 2,200 employees, we have our programs in the five boroughs Rockland and Westchester and in Puerto Rico, we have 40 programs,” said NY Foundling CEO and President Melanie Hartzog.

For 154 years, the Foundling has run dozens of social service programs, from housing to foster care services, helping 30,000 people annually.  

Now the Foundling is partnering with  NYC’s ACS to help 36 new young moms in foster care from all five boroughs, like Keita. The secret to their success–it’s not just housing but they offer supportive services.