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EAST HARLEM, Manhattan — A massive masterpiece, finally finished. A new mural in the heart of East Harlem is 16 feet high and 48 feet wide, on the back wall of Manhattan East Middle School on 99th Street.

The painters are ten public high school students.

The mural is a recreation of a piece called “Uno Dos Tres,” designed by Carmen Herrera, a world-famous Cuban American artist. The artist, who is 105 years old, is known for her minimalist paintings and sculptures.

Herrera’s art pieces have been exhibited at MOMA and Whitney museums. As a birthday gift to herself, she decided to give her work.

Natasha Seng helped direct the project and is with a group called Publicolor, an organization that helps NYC’s high risk students in under-served communities create artwork in public places.

Publicolor has been creating art for 24 years in homeless shelters, schools, parks and subway stations all across the city. Herrera embodies passion, hard work and following your heart. Which is exactly what inspires Andres to keep following his dream of becoming an artist.

There are over 285 Publicolor art installations all across the city in all five boroughs.