NEW YORK (PIX11) — The Campaign Against Hunger hired dozens of young New Yorkers to become farmers fighting against food insecurity in their community.

It’s a chance for young people to get paid to work on a farm and help feed families, bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to food pantries across New York City. More than 40 people between the ages of 16-24 were hired for the work.

They are young community champions called the Green Teens. Dizz Young, 22, has battled anxiety and finds their new job therapeutic.

“I have my own anxieties and demons, but I feel like I’m being called for a bigger cause,” said Young. 

Its’ making a living by giving. It’s a 10-month paid program with on the job training and career development. Back in February, PIX11 News told you about the job opportunity. Applications flowed in. Now these young people are planting the seeds of change. Many of them say it’s a great way to make a difference and get paid while giving back. 

“It’s always our aim to connect unattached youth in our community,” said Howard Brown Youth, the empowerment manager.

Noah Brown, an 18-year-old Far Rockaway resident, says his job on the farm gives him new perspective and purpose.  It’s his first time working on a farm.  Brown’s dream is to be an entrepreneur one day. 

The Campaign Against Hunger is still hiring for summer jobs. If you want more information or you want apply go to the site for the farm program.