LOWER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (PIX11) – A Lower East Side woman who was tired of cleaning up the mess in her mom’s apartment — caused by reoccurring sewage flooding her apartment — took to Facebook to rant.

Jennifer Rubino said three times since February her 71-year-old mom’s apartment has flooded. Water and sewage are everywhere, ruining her personal belongings.

Rubino is angry and disgusted. In a matter of minutes, her mom’s home at the First Houses on the Lower East Side was destroyed by overflowing sewage oozing out of her toilet and bathtub.

Rubino said her 71-year-old mother, Luz Cedeno, is living with disabilities and is currently in the hospital recovering from a medical emergency. Rubino said her mom’s home is not a healthy place for her to recover. Rubino said the problem is a symptom of a much larger infrastructure issue. Rubino wants NYCHA to finally fix the plumbing problem, reimburse her for property damage and clean the apartment. 

A NYCHA spokesperson said, “NYCHA staff cleared a stoppage in late June and caretakers assisted the resident with clean up. The development management office will today assist the resident with filing claims for damaged property. Our dedicated staff works 24/7 to address issues caused by crumbling infrastructure due to decades of disinvestment, and will continue to use the available resources to help residents.”

Watch our full interview with Rubino HERE.