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People living in one Lower East Side NYCHA development say they are living with inconsistent heat and hot water and no gas service in their apartments inside the Jacob Riis Houses. 

Keisha Urgent says it’s a trifecta of problems in her building.  

The building’s 14 floors haven’t had gas service since Nov. 2. 

PIX11 news checked Tuesday afternoon — the heat was on. Urgent says she never knows what will be working when. And with the holidays just around the corner, she and her neighbors don’t want to have to deal with cooking on a hot plate.  

Urgent is not alone: according to NYCHA’s own website, six developments across the city have heat or hot water disruptions as of Tuesday afternoon. 

So what do you do? NYCHA suggests: 

From Oct. 1 through May 31, New York City building owners must maintain an indoor temperature of at least 68 degrees between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. when it’s below 55 degrees outside. From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., indoor temperature must be at least 62 degrees regardless of the temperature outside. Hot water must be kept at a minimum temperature of 120 degrees at the source, year-round.

NYCHA officials said the agency remains committed to providing residents with the critical services of heat and hot water throughout the heating season.

NYCHA is in the process of modernizing heating controls at 66 developments. Apartments that used to be typically overheated are now at a more comfortable range of 72-74 degrees during the day and 69-71 degrees at night, with the heat coming on in cycles to prevent overheating, underheating, and save energy. Residents at these buildings no longer need to open their windows to let out excess heat.

Additional tips to help keep your apartment comfortable this winter:

  • Keep your windows fully closed.
  • Consider removing your window air conditioner, or covering it.
  • Move furniture away from radiators or baseboards to keep the air moving freely.
  • Open the hand valve on your radiator. Turn the knob to the left to open it (more heat) and the right to close it (less heat).
  • Lower your blinds or draw your curtains at night.
  • Keep hallway and stairwell windows closed.

Are you having an issue with heat or hot water?

Residents experiencing issues with heat or hot water should call the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771 or report the issue via the MyNYCHA mobile app or web version.

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PIX11 news reached out to NYCHA about these residents’ complaints at the Jacob Riis Houses. A spokesperson said:

“NYCHA staff is looking into any potential hot water issues at Riis II and will assess and make repairs as needed. While we understand gas service interruptions are inconvenient, we also want to ensure our residents’ safety as we work to restore service as quickly as possible. We ask that all residents continue to use the MyNychaApp or call the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771 to create a work order ticket for any maintenance needs, including heat or hot water issues and service interruptions.”  

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