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BROOKLYN — DJ Lopez from Brooklyn said this is the third time her apartment has flooded — and it’s not getting fixed soon enough.

She said she was told a plumber won’t be sent to repair the issue until August.

Lopez is exhausted from cleaning up the mess, with water flowing from her bathroom, ceiling and toilet. She just returned from vacation Monday. 

“To see my entire house flooded. We didn’t even have time to unpack. I panicked. The water went all the way to the elevator and into the hallway,” said Lopez. 

She’s not alone in her frustration. Lopez said each of the seven apartments on the E line are impacted.

Lopez said management promised to send a plumber — on Aug. 10. Lopez said she can’t — and won’t — wait that long.

PIX11 reached out to NYCHA. 

Within hours after PIX11’s visit, a NYCHA manger came to visit Lopez’s apartment.

A NYCHA spokesperson said “NYCHA staff visited this apartment to assess the situation and plumbers have been scheduled to make repairs tomorrow.”

PIX11 will be back. 

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