HARLEM, Manhattan (PIX11) – A Harlem woman is tired of cleaning up the mess in her kitchen caused by sewage coming up out of her sink. Meanwhile, her neighbors complain that they have not had running water in their kitchens for weeks.  

Ramona Rivera said it’s been a disgusting routine each day for weeks now, carrying buckets of sewage out of her kitchen sink. Exhausted and looking for answers, she reached out to PIX11 News for help.

In a matter of minutes, every day like clockwork, her home at the Audubon Houses in Harlem gets flooded with sewage. With no help from management, Rivera said she’s taken matters into her own hands, using two buckets to carry the dirty water out of her kitchen to her bathroom each day.

Rivera’s living room has become a place to vent for her neighbors. They’ve been having water problems too, but it’s the opposite issue for them. There’s been no water coming out of their kitchen sink for weeks now. 

PIX11 News did see crews in Rivera’s home on Monday, but Rivera said crews have come before and just pump out the water, but the problem continues.  

A NYCHA spokesperson told PIX11 News, “NYCHA plumbers are on site and addressing a severe stack stoppage on the F line. NYCHA turned off the water riser line for the F line to prevent flooding in the resident’s apartment and will resume water service once the stoppage on line is addressed.”