HARLEM, Manhattan — The tenant president of a Harlem NYCHA development said people who live in the three buildings are freezing because of inconsistent access to heat and hot water.

One of those tenants, great-grandmother Johnnie Mae Hooks, showed PIX11 News’ Monica Morales the extreme measures she goes through to take a shower.

The 86-year-old Hooks demonstrated her daily routine, walking a kettle of hot water to her shower so she’s able to bathe. She’s been forced to live this way for over two weeks.

She said she just wants a hot bath, and to be able to feel her heat when temperatures dip at night.

“Residents are suffering, and it’s happening all over,” Tenant President Wayne Breamfield said. “It’s not just us.”

Thursday afternoon, 18 NYCHA developments had heat and/or hot water outages across the city, according to its website.  

“NYCHA staff visited this apartment and found temperatures at approximately 85 degrees and hot water temperatures at 116 degrees,” a NYCHA spokesperson told PIX11 News. “Staff are currently working to replace motors for the distribution system and work is expected to be completed tomorrow. Property management staff will also assist the resident to ensure her apartment is properly secured against the cold weather.”