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HARLEM, Manhattan — More green space is coming to the Polo Grounds Towers in Harlem.

It’s all thanks to a group who call themselves the “Harlem Garden Ladies.” They are over a dozen moms and grandmas with their families creating more green space at their NYCHA development.

“Theres a lot of positives but you never hear about it. We have more good here than negative,” said Barbara Williams, who lives at the Polo Grounds Towers and started a neighborhood garden four years ago. 

Thanks  to over $30,000 from the Mayor’s Action Plan, together with a neighborhood safety initiative. the residents are expanding and adding more green space. 

“Every little corner of this development will be beautified from the inside out,” said Deymis Baquero, a program manager with the Mayor’s Action Plan. 

These women say they are planting seeds and then watching the good in the community grow.

If you want to volunteer or donate, email Barbara Williams ( or Deymis Baquero (