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NEW YORK — It’s Follow-up Friday and this week, given Mother’s Day is Sunday, we’re checking back in with some moms!

Flooding… again! 

Latasha Moses, who lives at the Ravenswood houses in Astoria, says she needs a permanent fix.   

“They have employees working doing their best.  But their best is not good enough.  Because it keeps happening,” said Moses.  

Each time it floods, Moses’ 89-year-old grandfather helps clean up the mess with a bucket.  

A NYCHA spokesperson tells us, “At Ravenswood, a vendor has cleared the line from the basement and there have been no new reports of stoppages.”

Breast cancer survivor says home is a health hazard

Angela Williams, 58, beat the odds against breast cancer. Williams lives at the Castle Hill Houses in the Bronx. Shes’s battled breast cancer for several years, now she in recovery and needs repairs.

We visited Williams Thursday afternoon.

“I did not survive cancer to die from mold. Please help me,” said Williams.

Williams is a mother of five and grandmother of seven. But when she started talking about her home and her fight for repairs, she got emotional.  

“It shouldn’t be this way this way do the right thing. Why do things have  to get to the point of disastrous to do what you are suppose to do,” said Williams, pushing back the tears.  

Williams showed PIX11 News pictures of her living room wall and ceiling are falling apart and she says she had a leak and mold in her bathroom since January.  

Her inspiration and motivation now is her one year old grandson Reginald, who she hopes will be able to visit when her home is fixed. NYCHA crews made all repairs.  

Community looks to rebuild garden

It’s a community garden on the Upper West Side that NYCHA residents say has been closed for over a year.

Residents are hoping the community and the city can come together and rebuild this community jewel.

Carmen Quionones, the President of the Douglass Houses, says the community garden once flourished.  

It sits between one of the 17 buildings at the Douglass Houses and the Westside High School.  

“It’s been like this for year, so I decided to take it back,” said Quionones.

Quinones says the space has been locked up for over a year, but doesn’t know why. She hopes the city will help her bring the green space back to the beautiful garden it once was.  

She wants to start a vegetable garden to help feed families hurting during the pandemic. Thanks to Quionones, NYCHA, and a non-profit called the New York restoration project, the development has a new community garden. All thanks to NYRP!

Leaks in Brooklyn

A Brooklyn couple says since January, they have battled a leak flooding their bathroom.  Yinghey Ping says for months she’s tried to get repairs in her bathroom here at Pink houses in east New York. 

Ping’s four year old daughter takes a bath or brushes her teeth, they have to shield her from the dirty water dripping from the ceiling. 

A NYCHA spokesperson says, “painters visited Pink Houses today to paint the apartment bathroom.”

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