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BED-STUY, Brooklyn (PIX11) — Some Brooklyn parents want their playgrounds unlocked and repaired before summer so their children have a safe place to play.

Kesha Crawford, the tenant president of Stuyvesant Gardens I in Bed-Stuy, said locking children out of their playgrounds isn’t the answer to keeping them safe.

Harold Cincley said it infuriates him that the playgrounds all within a few blocks of each other in his neighborhood are either closed or in disrepair. These parents say their frustration isn’t directed to management but to their community. They want to start a conversation to make the neighborhood safer. 

“Children are locked out of their own playground. Where are they going to play?” said Crawford.  

Crawford showed PIX11 playgrounds with padlocks. Management told PIX11 one of the playgrounds locked is set to undergo major renovation and the other playground may appear locked but there is another entryway that was unlocked.

Monaisa Boyd lives there and said the problem isn’t that playgrounds are closed, but it’s a symptom of a much bigger issue of safety and long-term solutions.

“I don’t blame management now. I blame the community. I blame us as a society. If we took care of it better. It’s the children that suffer,” said Boyd.

There is a NYCHA playground a block away at the Stuyvesant Gardens I development. It wasn’t closed but had caution tape. The floor appeared to be falling apart. 

A NYCHA spokesperson said, “One playground at this site is closed and our staff is currently assessing that area for repairs. NYCHA recognizes the importance of providing outdoor space for residents and there are four other NYCHA playgrounds in this vicinity that are open and available.”

In the meantime, Crawford said she is organizing a rally and march with local officials and parents to demand a change for next month.

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