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BROOKLYN — Dozens of New York City public housing residents are asking for help.

They say they have been living without gas for more than a month.

Lisa Felix from the Red Hook Houses says she and her neighbors haven’t had gas service since Sept. 29. She said up to five buildings at her development have gas outages right now.

“I would like to cook thanksgiving at my house. I do it every year,” said Felix.

The Red Hook Houses is not the only development with gas service problems. As of Nov. 12, 2020, according to NYCHA’s website, there’s 63 buildings across the city with gas outages.

Some have problems with lines and in some cases the entire building is impacted.

A NYCHA spokesperson said they will begin the gas restoration process at the Red Hook Houses on Friday.

“The work involved with restoring gas service after any disruption is a matter of public safety. We are currently working with an outside vendor to expedite the restoration of gas to this
development,” the statement said.

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