Bronx NYCHA senior building struggles to have consistent heat

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THE BRONX — Bronx seniors say their apartments have felt like refrigerators for over a month.

Since the beginning of winter, seniors at Twin Parks East say they have complained about no heat.

Queen Mcfarlane took pictures documenting what she calls the “everyday misery” inside her senior NYCHA building.

“Five tenants have had asthma attacks. One tenant said she would rather go to the hospital where it’s warmer than in her apartment,” said McFarlane, the Twin Parks East Tenant President.

Margaret Jackson, 80, is McFarlane’s neighbor. She wears three coats and uses at least two blankets to sleep.

Jay Newman, 75, says living with no heat is a serious problem for him. His dog Buster, curled up next to him and is the only way to stay warm.

“I’m afraid to get sick. Yes, I’m 75 and legally blind. I got on three or four blankets on my bed already now,” said Newman.

McFarlane was joined by Councilmember Fernando Cabrera for a second press conference in a month, demanding the city fix the heat.

“This is incomprehensible. It baffles me NYCHA has not got to the root of the problem,” said Cabrera.

Cabrera says he’s submitted legislation that will allow NYCHA tenants to report their heat complaints to 311 instead of going through NYCHA.

In the meantime, McFarlane says she’s tired of workarounds that don’t fix the problems.

“They put up plastic on our windows. That’s like putting a bandaid on a shotgun would you know,” said Macfarlane.

NYCHA responded to our request for comment.

“Providing our residents with uninterrupted heating service continues to be our top priority,” a spokesperson told PIX11 news. “We had four open work orders last night. Staff visited the apartments and found temperatures between 71 to 73 degrees. We currently have our heat staff looking into three open no heat work orders. We have also completed installation of weatherproofing at all terrace doors where residents requested and are continuing outreach to residents who may still want weatherproofing.”

McFarlane says these seniors are not backing down and plan to keep holding rallies if NYCHA doesn’t fix the problem.

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