THE BRONX (PIX11) — An 85-year-old Bronx grandmother is furious over the conditions in her public housing home of decades.

Julia Green has lived in NYCHA’s Forest Houses in the Bronx since 1973. Over the past few months, the home she loves has fallen apart. The ceiling is crumbling, with pieces falling down. Garbage bags cover the floors to minimize the impact from leaks and detritus.

“I’m very angry,” the grandma said. “I want to put my foot in somebody’s a– if I could”

Her daughter, Jacqueline Green, said NYCHA management told her crews are working to fix the roof, but she fears for her mom’s safety right now. Family said NYCHA crews come, take pictures of the damage, and then leave.

“They want the rent but they ain’t fixing nothing,” Julia Green said.

The frustrated tenant tried some DIY fixes in her home. Her granddaughter said she taped part of the ceiling. She also worried about the damage being caused to her grandmother’s family photos, which line the living room walls.

“These are kind of the only memories she has of her family,” Julia Green’s granddaughter said.

A NYCHA spokesperson the agency was working with Green to determine the best solution, including a transfer to another apartment.

“There is a roof replacement project underway at Forest Houses and work on building 11 is scheduled to be completed in approximately six weeks,” the spokesperson said. “NYCHA staff observed today significant flaking and breaking of the paint on the walls and concrete ceiling but there was no moisture present, and staff are actively engaged in resolving leaks at this location.”

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