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EAST NEW YORK, Brooklyn — A Brooklyn mother of three says garbage is taking over her building.

The trash compactors in her building have been broken for weeks, and the problem is only getting worse.

Jovann Mendez from the Cyprus Hill Houses says PIX11 is her last hope to fix a broken trash incinerator in her building — the stench is unbearable. 

For weeks now, Mendez says the situation is so bad, she can smell it on the sixth floor.

Elizabeth Duran lives on the first floor. She can’t take the smell anymore.

“I smell this 24/7. I can’t keep me door open. It’s unbearable. Fix it,” said Duran. 

A NYCHA spokesperson told PIX11, “NYCHA staff investigated and scheduled repairs for tomorrow to address the broken compactor. Until then, the hoppers are locked. We have also scheduled exterminators to treat the area later this evening.”

PIX11 will be back to make sure they clean it up and fix the situation.

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