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CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn — Luz Lazada told PIX11 News the light of her life is her eight-month-old son, adding that it breaks her heart to see him “freezing” in her NYCHA apartment.

“I fight for my children,” Lazada said.

Those five children go to great lengths to stay warm, she said, sleeping with quilts, a fleece blanket and sometimes even “nighttime coats.”

Lazada is not alone in her anger and frustration with the city, which is why city official Mathylde Frontus has stepped in.

“I am so angry,” she said. “It’s not right — it’s criminal.” 

Frontus said her office gets complaints from freezing families from all five buildings in Coney Island’s NYCHA complex. She said the agency’s response is infuriating.

“NYCHA is practically shrugging their shoulders at this, saying ‘we don’t know we will get back to you,'” Frontus said.” That’s unacceptable.”

PIX11 News visited Lazada’s apartment Thursday afternoon. The unit had heat, but no hot water.

In a statement, NYCHA told PIX11 News that they are looking into complaints from tenants. Monica Morales has the full story in the video above.