THE BRONX (PIX11) — For the third winter in a row, residents of Twin Parks East have resorted to PIX11 News for support in the battle to stay warm. The seniors of the NYCHA building are once more angry and cold.

Marie Rogers, 81, claimed that she had been wrapped in three blankets for the past three days because she is sick of her apartment’s extreme cold. Queen McFarland serves as the tenant president of the Twin Parks East and wants the city to turn up the heat.

McFarland said her apartment is like a freezer. She said her cat named Mister helps her stay warm at night. However, she told PIX11 that it’s not just uncomfortable but a health hazard.

An NYCHA spokesperson told PIX11 News in a statement:

There is not currently an outage, and staff is working to take temperatures, confirm heating assets are operational and insulate if possible with resident consent. NYCHA is also working on a plan to mitigate an ongoing issue with weatherproofing windows and terrace doors that let in drafts, while property management staff was working on issuing notices to residents asking if they want or need window insulation. NYCHA will continue to work with resident leadership and staff to resolve insulation issues.

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