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A professional knitter and author from the Netherlands is known for creating pieces of work based off of everyday objects for her website “Club Geluk.”

She tells PIX11 she knits “everyday stuff with lots of details and even wrote a book about it.”

So for fun, Marieke Voorsluijs decided to set the bar higher– and knitted a yarn version of her own son.

Saying the project is a tribute to puberty, the doll actually came out of a creative discussion with her son about how to visualize the growing gap between his needs for personal space and her
love of being with her kids.

She says the project is really just for laughs and for family fun and since her sons appreciate the irony of it,  they helped with the knitting and posed for pictures that are now making their way around social media.

Her knitted son consists of a knitted head with a cap, hands with nails and a watch, knitted pants, a knitted sweater, sneakers, and an iPod.

The yarn boy is not a fully stuffed son — it’s actually a wearable suit — so the true cuddle ability of it is still dependent on one of her sons wearing it and actually has characteristics of both her sons.

And in the end- this mom was able to reach out and grab what all mothers want: spending more quality time with their kids.