NEW YORK (PIX11) – Moderna, the company behind one of the most successful COVID-19 vaccines, announced it has an RSV vaccine that is 84% effective at preventing disease in older adults. 

The RSV vaccine uses the same ground-breaking messenger RNA technology that made the company’s COVID-19 vaccine so effective.

Most healthy adults shake off the cold-like symptoms of RSV, but it’s very different for older people who are at higher risk for developing lung infections or pneumonia. RSV infections kill up to 10,000 older adults every year and send up to 120,000 people to the hospital, according to the CDC.

Around 37,000 older adults in 22 countries took part in Moderna’s clinical trial with no safety concerns reported beyond injection site pain, fatigue and aches.

This season’s RSV infections hit children and infants particularly hard. For now, there is no talk of an RSV vaccine for children, but much like the evolution of COVID-19 vaccines, that could be down the road. RSV vaccines by companies like Pfizer and others are also in the pipeline and headed to clinical trials.

Moderna plans to file an application for approval by the FDA in the first half of 2023.