NEW YORK (PIX11) — The relatives of a 63-year -old man recently found beaten to death in a water tank in the Dominican Republic demanded on Wednesday to know why a security camera is missing four days of footage from mid-April.

“Right on top of where he was found, there’s a security camera,” Yari Tejeda, the victim’s niece, told PIX11 News from her home in New York City. “From April 20th to the 24th, the video footage is deleted.”

PIX11 News obtained footage of first responders as they tore up the concrete covering the tank.
The body of her uncle, Jose Rivera Tejeda, was found submerged in water in the town of Los Mina, after Rivera Tejeda had been missing for more than a month.  His body was badly decomposed with evidence of trauma. 

Rivera Tejeda did odd jobs in the town of Los Mina. After he went missing on April 19, his New York-based niece asked PIX11 News to post a missing flyer, which offered a $25,000 reward for information on his whereabouts.

The Tejeda family hoped New York’s large, Dominican population would spread the word to people at home. Rivera Tejeda was one of 13 siblings born in the Dominican Republic. A sister and brother live in New York City.

Yari Tejeda said she learned her uncle was intoxicated when he left his house on April 19 to visit a relative who was returning to the United States.

“We do have video footage of him walking,” Yari Tejeda said. “They actually found the body right around the block from where he was last seen.”

Yari Tejeda said last week, on May 25, neighbors in the Los Mina neighborhood noticed a bad odor coming out of a water tank, under one home.

Construction workers and emergency responders using a back hoe turned up to dig up the concrete covering the tank.

“The body was in really bad shape already,” Yari Tejeda told PIX11 News.  “The preliminary results show he was beaten.”

Yari Tejeda told us her uncle had never been in trouble before.  

“No criminal background,” Tejeda said.  “Not an aggressive person.  All the neighbors speak so highly of him.”