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FLUSHING, Queens — Cameron Scher is hoping three strikes and he’s not out of Citifield.

The Huntington Station Mets fan was back watching his beloved team Friday night, wearing the same t-shirt with the words “Fire Terry Collins.”

He said that outfit got him thrown out of the stadium on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Both nights he held up a sign calling for the ouster of the Mets manager. It was all captured on video.

“I don’t want the Mets to take away Mets fans’ freedom of expression,” Scher said.

PIX11 News reached out for an official statement about what happened. None was forthcoming, but instead sources said this Mets fan was ejected twice not for holding up a sign to fire Terry Collins, but because Cameron Scher was “inebriated, belligerent” and was trying to sell his T-shirts inside Citi Field.

“My mother has breast cancer and I swear on her life that I have never taken a drink, never taken a drug and I only have one of these T-shirts, so how could I be selling them?” Sacher told PIX11.

The night Scher was ejected for the second time was the same night that an employee wearing the Mr. Met costume was captured on video giving the middle finger to a fan.

Lots of fans had opinions about both issues.

“I may not agree with him,” fan Trish Taylor said, “but you should be able to get be your opinion. That’s what the U. S. Is all, I mean right?”

Scher left after one inning, saying security made him feel unwelcome. He said he will never attend another Mets game.