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NEW YORK — The 23rd consecutive New York Mets baseball season on PIX11 swings into action on Sunday, March 27, when the Mets face the Cardinals for the first of 28 broadcasts of Mets games airing on PIX11.

To catch the Mets all season long, tune to PIX11 on your TV to watch the Amazins’.

SNY, the official television home of the New York Mets, will livestream the Amazins’ games.

See the full schedule below:

Pre-seasonSundayMarch 27Cardinals1pmPort St. Lucie
Pre-SeasonSundayApril 3Marlins1pmPort St. Lucie
1.SundayApril 17Diamondbacks1:30pHome
2.SaturdayApril 23Diamondbacks8pmAway
3.SundayApril 24Diamondbacks4pmAway
4.SaturdayMay 14Mariners7pmHome
5.SaturdayMay 21Rockies8pmAway
6.SundayMay 22Rockies3pmAway
7.FridayMay 27Phillies7pmHome
9.SaturdayJune 18Marlins4pmHome
10.SundayJune 19Marlins1:30pmHome
11.FridayJune 24Marlins6:30pmAway
12.SaturdayJune 25Marlins4pmAway
13.SundayJuly 10Marlins1:30pmHome
14.SaturdayJuly 16Cubs2pmAway
15.SaturdayJuly 23Padres7pmHome
16.SaturdayJuly 30Marlins6pmAway
17.SundayJuly 31Marlins1:30pmAway
18.SaturdayAug 6Braves7pmHome
19.SaturdayAug 13Phillies7pmHome
20.SundayAug 14Phillies1:30pmHome
21.MondayAug 22Yankees7pmAway
22.SundayAug 28Rockies1:30pmHome
23.SaturdaySept 10Marlins6pmAway
24.FridaySept 16Pirates7pmHome
25.SundaySept 18Pirates1:30pmHome
26.SundaySept 25Athletics4pmAway