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(PIX11) – A brief crowd shot during the Ohio State-Alabama football game has captivated the Internet — all thanks to the reaction of a female fan when she appears to look up at the big screen.

The video was posted by djsourmilk on Vine with the title “When you’re at the game with your side dude and realize you’re on TV.”  It has been viewed more than 12 million times in the 11 hours after the Sugar Bowl.

She appears to caress the head of the man next to her as she looks up and realizes she’s on television.  Those around her react excitedly, but she instead pulls her hand away, looks away and briefly covers her mouth.

Was she indeed with her “side dude”?  A different clip suggests otherwise.

Her lack of excitement was likely caused by a combination of what was happening on the field and the head-shaking disappointment of the guy with her.

Why she suddenly pulls her hand away remains a mystery, however.

Boyfriend or not, the Vine is simply mesmerizing.  So mesmerizing, in fact, that someone created another Vine — in reverse: